The Charger is a student run and operated online newspaper based out of Chattanooga Christian School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The goal of The Charger is to inform and engage the CCS community of both local and global conflicts, and to demonstrate how these events relate to us as a school. The wide range of topics on The Charger makes the website an inclusive space for anyone to be able to read, enjoy, and stay informed with the latest.

     The mission of The Charger is to encourage students to use their God-given gifts for the greater good of the CCS community. We believe that every student possesses the ability to be creative and our goal is to help them see that in themselves. At The Charger, we’re building a team of strong and competent writers, photographers, and thinkers who are passionate about changing the world with their talents for God’s glory.

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"CCS Sports Spotlight"

By Marissa Hasnani

What is the Senior Feature?

     To celebrate our seniors, The Charger is featuring four members from the CCS Class of 2020 on the website a week. Our goal is to highlight all the amazing things our Seniors have accomplished, as well as acknowledge their contributions to CCS throughout their time here. From their favorite thing to do in Chattanooga to the lessons that CCS has taught them, check back every week to learn more about your best friends, and get to know some new ones!


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