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Chattanooga Cafe Comparison

Our Charger Staff writer Elise May has spent the last couple months trying different cafés around Chattanooga. At each place she compared the environment, drinks, food, and service.

Elise May

Caroline Glass

Emma Pack

Lauren McNeese


#GetSleepAndRead focuses on the idea that teenagers need eight hours of sleep, and an alarming majority are lacking this. Furthermore, reading before bed allows one’s brain to shut off and recharge in ways that simply scrolling through social networking may not. #GetSleepAndRead is a campaign promoted by The Learning Commons which exists to encourage and educate students on the benefits that reading and sleeping an adequate amount has on the brain. 



What is the Senior Feature?

To celebrate our seniors, The Charger is featuring four members from the CCS Class of 2020 on the website a week. Our goal is to highlight all the amazing things our Seniors have accomplished, as well as acknowledge their contributions to CCS throughout their time here. From their favorite thing to do in Chattanooga to the lessons that CCS has taught them, check back every week to learn more about your best friends, and get to know some new ones!




Out of the 338 responses:

  • The average CCS student scored an 11, meaning that the average student is slightly a VSCO girl.

  • 50% own a hydro flask

  • 25% wear a shell necklace

  • 60% wear friendship bracelets 

  • 38% use carmex

  • 22% own a jeep

  • 18% put Redbubble stickers on their hydro flask

  • 28% put Redbubble stickers on their computer case

  • 49% have a VSCO account

  • 30% play the Ukulele

  • 43% use signature scent

  • 26% wear their boy friend's sweatshirt

  • 79% wear oversized t-shirts

  • 71% wear scrunchies 

  • 63% live by the ocean or want to

  • 53% want to save the turtles

  • 37% use metal straws

  • 23% use metal straws in a travel case

  • 49% "sksksksk"

  • 39% "and I oop"

  • 49% wear socks and 'stocks

  • 36% have blond highlights

  • 14% wear shark watches

  • 31% wear lulu

  • 22% have a second piercing

  • 9% have a cartilage piercing

  • 44% wear pura vida bracelets 

  • 30% wear teleties

  • 20% post pictures of themselves crying on their finsta/private story

  • 60% type in all lowercase

  • 51% want to be TikTok famous

Wanna see if you are a vsco girl?





The mission of The Charger is to encourage students to use their God-given gifts for the good of the CCS community. We believe that every student has the ability to be creative, and it is our goal to help them see that in themselves. At The Charger, we’re building a team of strong and competent writers, photographers, and thinkers who are passionate about changing the world for God’s glory.

Jenna Miller