Chattanooga Café Comparison

Elise May, Staff Writer

Our Charger Staff writer Elise May has spent the last couple months trying different cafés around Chattanooga. At each place she compared the environment, drinks, food, and service. Below are her thoughts on what she thought of each. 


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+(Plus) Coffee

  • Environment: 10/10 — There’s not much I can say about this, it’s beautiful and spacious with lots of natural lighting and plants etc. I love it. 

  • Drink: 7/10 — I haven’t really liked the drinks I’ve gotten there as much, but it’s still good. I got a hot chocolate and it didn’t taste like hot chocolate; it was very bitter. Also, the latte was practically tasteless. 

  • Food: 8/10 — The food I’ve gotten there has been good, there’s just not that much or very many options. 

  • Service: 10/10


  • Environment: 10/10 — The indoor space is a little small but there's a beautiful outdoor space that is great. There’s plants hanging and a fountain; the whole surrounding area is quite aesthetic. 

  • Drink: 10/10 — I’ve loved everything I have gotten here. The chai latte is one of the best I’ve ever had.

  • Food: 9/10 — super super yummy they just always run out of my favorites by the afternoon. Apple turnovers are always the first to go. 

  • Service: 10/10

Sleepyhead Coffee Co

  • Environment: 10/10 — Lots of natural lighting and plants (it’s very natural looking.) 

  • Drink: 10/10 — one of the best lattes I’ve ever had. It was cheap and just tasted perfect. 

  • Food: N/A

  • Service: 10/10

Mad Priest

  • Environment: 9/10 —just felt a little dark which is not exactly my preference but it was still great. 

  • Drink: 8/10 — not the best I’ve had but still pretty good. The tea just tasted off. 

  • Food: N/A

  • Service: 10/10

Frothy Monkey

  • Environment:10/10 — plenty of space, very open and lit

  • Drink: 9.5/10 — maybe a little too much milk in the chai

  • Food: 10/10 — so many options: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and it’s all great. 

  • Service: 10/10

Stone Cup

  • Environment: 9.5/10 — It just feels a little cramped but still very aesthetic but it does have a different feel from all the others.

  • Drink: 10/10 —I got an iced chai latte and I loved it. I’ve also been there a lot in the past and gotten many different things. 

  • Food: N/A — I haven’t had their food in a very long time.

  • Service: 10/10


  • Environment: 10/10 — Indoor, and outdoor spaces are both incredible, there’s plants, flowers, bricks, and tiled tables. 

  • Drink: 10/10 — I’ve loved everything I’ve ever gotten here. Teas, lattes, and the chai are all delicious. 

  • Food: 10/10 — They have some of the best bread in town, and delicious snacks like cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and cruffins. 

  • Service: 10/10