Mr. Slaten on His Lyrical Life as a Working Artist

Lauren McNeese, Features Editor

Chris Slaten, songwriter and high school English teacher, had open heart surgery at four years old. In middle school, he began to experience heart problems related to the procedure, and had to leave athletics as a result. He turned to music...

Teachers Share Their Favorite Books

Matilda Green, Staff Writer

Do you lack things to do during the weeks leading up to exams? Are you desperately searching for ways to fill your time? Maybe itching for a new book to read? Lucky for you, here’s a list of some of the faculty’s favorite books that they recommend...

Mrs. Honeycutt Teaches Entrepreneurial Lessons Through Baking

Matilda Green, Staff Writer

Growing up, Kim Honeycutt was surrounded by business starters and creative thinkers. Her father started his own toy business and her grandmother set up a jewelry business, helping her family escape poverty during the 1930s...

Learning Outside the Classroom: Finding God in Jamaica

Lauren McNeese, Features Editor

Over the summer, I went to Jamaica on a missions trip with Hixson Presbyterian Church where we visited the infirmary. It was an experience in itself to be able to meet and talk to people who were lying on their deathbed...

Transcript: 8 Students Share Future Plans

Lauren McNeese, Features Editor

LM: What do you think your life looks like after the diploma?...

Teachers Make Their Own New Years' Resolutions

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

Way back in the day, some four thousand years ago, the ancient Babylonians held massive celebrations to welcome the new year, to crown a new king, and to make year long promises to their gods...

Sra. Dyer, the Uber Driver

Anna Nash, Staff Writer

When walking around downtown Chattanooga, you might just run into CCS’s own Señora Nikki Dyer driving for Uber. For those who don’t know what Uber is or how it works...

Side Gigs: Mr. Grissom Impresses with Art Skills

Keller Neighbors, Staff Writer

Daniel Grissom’s art desk, located on the second floor of his home in Highland Park, is filled with pencils, pens, and coloring tools all crammed into the drawer. It’s, as he calls it jokingly, his studio...


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