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Are you A Real VSCO Girl?


You are NOT a VSCO girl. In fact, you’re probably the type of person that despises VSCO girls. Every time you see a scrunchie you get a bit queasy, and the phrase “and I oop” makes you want to give up on our generation altogether. 


You are NOT a VSCO girl. But you don’t completely hate them. In fact, you may actually own a scrunchie (they don’t make dents in your hair!) or even the ever-so-practical hydro flask (they keep your water cold!) However, you will not conform to the saying of “sksksksk” and scoff at those who do.


You are SLIGHTLY a VSCO girl. You probably live in oversized t-shirts and have a vast collection of LuluLemon shorts. You may even have a private story so you can freely post about your emotions and mental breakdowns (don’t worry, it’s healthy.) You still drink from plastic straws at restaurants, though, and could not care less if said straw ends up in a turtle’s nose.


You are MOSTLY a VSCO Girl. You rock the socks & ‘stocks look on the daily and your wrists are covered in shark watches and teleties. Your hydroflask most definitely has stickers on it, and they probably match your MacBook case. You’re still unsure about the use of TikTok, though; isn’t it just for the class of 2023?


You ARE a VSCO Girl. You have more friendship bracelets than the world has turtles and your hair is constantly in a messy bun. You’re never found without an iced vanilla latte in hand and your white jeep is your prized possession. You’re still trying to convince your boyfriend to give you his hoodie, though.


You ARE a VSCO girl. The textbook definition, in fact. You wear your puka-shell necklace with pride and never stop applying Carmex. You own enough scrunchies to circle the world three times and probably have at least two hydroflasks. Every t-shirt you buy is a men’s XL and your biggest goal in life is to live by the beach with your TikTok famous husband to #savetheturtles.


Out of 338 responses:

  • The average CCS student scored an 11, meaning that the average student is slightly a VSCO girl.

  • 50% own a hydro flask

  • 25% wear a shell necklace

  • 60% wear friendship bracelets 

  • 38% use carmex

  • 22% own a jeep

  • 18% put Redbubble stickers on their hydro flask

  • 28% put Redbubble stickers on their computer case

  • 49% have a VSCO account

  • 30% play the Ukulele

  • 43% use signature scent

  • 26% wear their boy friend's sweatshirt

  • 79% wear oversized t-shirts

  • 71% wear scrunchies 

  • 63% live by the ocean or want to

  • 53% want to save the turtles

  • 37% use metal straws

  • 23% use metal straws in a travel case

  • 49% "sksksksk"

  • 39% "and I oop"

  • 49% wear socks and 'stocks

  • 36% have blond highlights

  • 14% wear shark watches

  • 31% wear lulu

  • 22% have a second piercing

  • 9% have a cartilage piercing

  • 44% wear pura vida bracelets 

  • 30% wear teleties

  • 20% post pictures of themselves crying on their finsta/private story

  • 60% type in all lowercase

  • 51% want to be TikTok famous

OK, Boomer! Quiz



0-5 Points

Wow, you aren’t even close to a boomer.

(At the looks of it, you better pull out your iPhone 11 Max and continue on with your day because you are nowhere close to being a boomer. You may even despise boomers around you because you think it’s trendy to say “Ok, Boomer” to those surrounding you who are unlike yourself. Just put your Airpod Pros in their charging case so you can continue listening to your straight vibes playlist.)


6-10 Points

Your grandparents are probably boomers.

(Better, you have definitely spent some time with Boomers and picked up on some of their common traits but you are definitely not all the way there yet. Maybe one day you’ll get on the Boomer level. But for now, all you can do is try to understand the Boomers around you and their Boomer ways.)


11-15 Points

You’re starting to sympathize with boomers.

(Eh, you’re getting there. Unlike many “youngsters” you sometimes understand the Boomer ways and stances. You are most likely an avid coffee drinker with a sewing addiction. So close, yet so far.)


16-20 Points

Your parents are definitely boomers.

(Woah, there. You definitely spend a fair share of your time with Boomers and they have most definitely rubbed off on you in many ways. Hopefully, you will continue to grow in your Boomer ways and one day become a full-fledged Boomer, best of luck.)


21-25 Points

Hands-down, you are a boomer. 

(NOW THAT'S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! You made the cut, congrats! You are, no doubt, a boomer. From remembering summers from past days to encouraging others to refrain from a phone addiction - you are a Boomer through and through.)


25-30 Points

You are literally the textbook definition of a boomer.

(YOU ARE A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF BOOMER! If I looked up Boomer in the dictionary, your name would be written all over it. Between you protecting your lawn, your taste in music, and even knowing your local Karen have all led you to be THE boomer.)


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