Imagine Dragons Stays True to Its Origins on New Album

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

Imagine Dragons dropped a new album, Origins on November 9, 2018. In this album, several sides of their original voice come through. They have songs that mimic their old voice from their Night Visions album, which included the popular hit, “Radioactive.” They also continued on their techno and EDM path which was made famous by their recent hit, “Thunder.” Origins contains the song, “Natural,” that combines both their old voice and their new direction perfectly. These two different voices and directions merged and came to life with this album.

They also address various subject matters in these songs. They have songs such as “Bad Liar,” and “Love” which are about problems of today and the problems of the world around us. “Bad Liar” addresses some of the victims of terrorist attacks while also questioning the idea of happiness being marriage, a white picket fence, and 2.4 children. “Love” addresses the hatred among people, specifically the hatred between races and the tension there.  They also have songs like “Bullet in a Gun” and “Zero” which address the limits and darkness of humanity. “Bullet in a Gun” speaks to the idea of only being focused on wealth and fame, and the damage this can cause. “Zero” takes the album in a different direction by talking about the idea of feeling empty, useless, and purposeless. Origins has a nice balance of subject matter and speaks honestly and directly about some of life’s struggles.

I truly enjoyed the feel of this album. It made me feel happy and alive, while listening to their more upbeat songs, but it also made me feel humbled and honest. Their songs make people think about what’s truly going on in the world, how they feel about it, and how they want to act on it. While these songs can be hard to listen to sometimes, they allow listeners a channel to think through tough issues in a simple way.  It has a good balance between the new sound and direction of music and the old sound and raw emotion of their personal voice. It balances wanting an escape from everyday life with the want to address and fix the flaws of the world. There is a song on this album for everyone.