Students Show Well at Annual Youth Photography Showcase (Pictures)

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

The Youth Photography Showcase (YPS) is a local competition between high school artists. CCS has competed in YPS for years now and always does well. This year there were numerous photos from CCS awarded honorable mention and a few that placed...

With a Broken Bell System, Teachers Choose Their Own Bells

The best and easiest way to find a man is to go where they are. One of the simplest ways to do this is to consider male to female ratios. If there are more men, then it would follow that chances of finding love...

We Asked, You Answered: Here Are the March Poll Results

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

Should we play the Shamrock Game? Do you follow March Madness? See the answers to these questions and more, answered by CCS students...

#exposechristianschools: A Hashtag in Over Its Head

Jenna Miller, Opinion Editor

Karen Pence recently returned to teaching art at a conservative high school in Washington D.C., with rules that many people find to be exclusionary. For instance, the school has a rule...

Women Break Through in Newest Congress

Maggie Middleton, Staff Writer

127 women are now serving in the  House of Representatives and Senate, the largest number to ever be in these positions of power.

There are 25 new female Senators...

Longest U.S. Government Shutdown in History Looms Large

Elise May, Critique Editor

The American government, as fair and democratic as can be, puts the power of shutting down the government in the hands of the president...

Coach Eubanks Trains Teachers in CCS Bootcamp

Matilda Green, Staff Writer

Students often focus on the stresses and challenges of high school. However, it pays off to offer a little attention towards our neighbors just across the courtyard: the middle schoolers...

CCS's Newest Club: Areopagus

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

As we approach exam season and school becomes a bit more stressful, some experienced CCS students offer unique advice to anyone who may need it...

CCS Benefits From Longtime Partnership with Widow's Harvest

Matilda Green, Staff Writer

Widows Harvest Ministries (WHM) is a Chattanooga founded ministry designed to care for widows. Andy Mendonsa, founder of Widows Harvest Ministries...


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