Becoming Like Little Children: Lessons Learned from Elementary Kids
Lauren McNeese, Staff Writer

Andrew Platt: 3rd Grade, Ms. Armstrong’s Class

Q: Andrew, do you want to tell me a little about yourself? We could start with a family tradition.

    A:We go get frostys after school on Friday for Frosty Friday. Sometimes, maybe if it’s raining or if we’re planning something and it doesn’t work out on Friday, instead of getting frostys we will have a big dessert Friday when we get home. Also we watch a long movie on Friday.

Q: What do you think makes your mom a good teacher?

   A:My mom is really nice, but I don’t know that much about her teaching.

Q:What is your favorite joke?

   A: My favorite joke is one that I made up. Why did the chicken cross the road?


    A:I don’t know, I don’t speak chicken!

Q:Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

   A:I don’t know what I want to be. There’s so many things that I want to be.

Q:What is your favorite assignment from third grade so far this year?

    A:For the art show this year. I did some abstract art. I put a marble in paint and rolled it around on a piece of paper.

Andrew is a very talented artist and loves to dance to Kidz Bop! 

Rosalie Campbell: Kindergarten, Ms. Walker’s Class 

Q:Rosalie, do you want to tell me a little about yourself? Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

    A:I want to be an artist and a chef.

Q:An artist and a chef? Are you learning how to cook some things at home?

    A:Yes, I am a little bit. And I love to draw.

Q:What do you like to draw?


Q:Do you have a fun family tradition you would like to share?

    A:I have a lot but I forgot them. I think tomorrow we are going camping inside and I think it will be fun. I think we’re watching a movie and getting in sleeping bags and setting up a tent.

Q:You’re going to set up a tent inside?


Q:Do you have a favorite assignment or activity so far this year in Kindergarten?

    A:Yes, I do ballet here.

Q:Could you tell me a little bit about it?

    A:My teacher’s name is Ms. Emma and I like to play with my friend Avery.

Q:What kind of dances have you learned?

    A:We are practicing for a concert and we’re going to be doing this. (Rosalie did part of her dance for me, it was amazing) 

Q:Is that going to be here?

    A:Yes, we’re going to do it in the classroom where we do ballet. I think my mommy is coming.

Rosealie told me about her Thanksgiving plans: she’s going to a city this year. She can’t remember which one, but she’s really excited!

Rosealie did a part of her dance and talked me through her choreography: “And then we stand up and twirl three times and then we skip.”

Porter enjoys STEM class and jiu jitsu.


Porter Stokes: First Grade, Ms. Sabourin


Q:Porter, do you have a favorite joke?

    A:Yes. Why did the chicken cross the road?


    A:So it can make hot dogs.

Q:Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

    A:Maybe a science teacher.
Q:Could you share a fun family tradition?

    A:Well, sometimes when we’re in the car and we’re feeling bored, we love to listen to the Beatles. My favorite song is Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. (Mrs. Stokes and Porter sang part of the song, it was great.) 

Q:Do you have a favorite assignment from first grade?

    A:We made rafts out of cardboard and saran wrap and popsicle sticks. We used pipe cleaners and straws and boats for a Baby Moses, like a basket. Mine floated. It wasn’t a winning and a losing competition. If yours sunk, you kind of lost, and even if yours floated you kinda won.

Q:What do you think makes your mom a good teacher?

    A:Math. She’s good at helping kids with math.


Shepherd Slaten: 3rd, Ms. Levenger & Sally Anne Slaten, 2nd, Ms. Laman 

Q:Do you all have a favorite joke?

    A (Shepherd): I think mine is this guy, his job is on an island, and one day he slept in, and he was late, he rushed to get on his clothes and he ran to the dock. The boat was already a few feet away from the dock. He jumped and made it on the boat, and then one of the passengers said ‘what’s the rush? The boat was coming in!’

Q:Do you all know what you want to be when you grow up?

    A (Shepherd):A worker at Disney World or DisneyLand who operates the rides.

    A (Sally Ann): I want to be a vet.

    Q: Do you have any pets?

    A (Sally Ann): Yes, we have a cat named Birdie and a fish named Tink.

Q:Do you all have a fun family tradition that you could share?

    A (Shepard):Every Saturday morning we have bacon, eggs, and pancakes or waffles. That’s my favorite. 

    A (Sally Ann):Every Easter we go to my grandmother’s house and we play Easter egg baseball. You just pretend that the Easter egg is the ball.

    Q:Like real Easter eggs?

    A (Sally Ann):Yep. we usually hit around a dozen.

Q:What do you think makes your dad a good teacher?

     A (Sally Ann): I think that he’s pretty smart. And he makes people laugh.

    A (Shepard): I don’t know how he teaches. I know that he teaches English and English is fun and tricky.

Q:What are your favorite assignments from second and third grade so far?

    A (Shepard):Mine was probably trying to make up your own land. My land was called Shepville.

    Q:Like the first part of your first name and -ville? What was it like?
    A (Shepard):It was just like any other town except you don’t have to make food. There is a machine that makes it for you.

    A (Sally Ann):Mine was probably make your own job. It was a pizza place and it was in the shape of a robot. It was called Mr. Robotical. We made it in STEM.

A photo of the Slaten family on one of their many adventures!


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