Opposing Viewpoints: Gillette's Campaign and Modern Masculinity

Guest written by Caelan Austin and Wes Roden

Edited by Jenna Miller, Opinion Editor

The message conveyed in Gillette’s The Best Men Can Be commercial is powerful yet contentious, which provoked much backlash from its viewers...

A Defense of Harvard's "Racist" College Admissions

Daniel Dassow, Executive Editor

Many top colleges are beginning to care more about the personality of an applicant than extracurriculars or test scores; I have had universities ask for my favorite word, what I look for...

Unexpected Things I've Learned From CCS Bible Classes

Jenna Miller, Opinion Editor

Although I am only a sophomore, I have sat in my fair share of Bible classes since I first came to CCS in the sixth grade. For three years, I thought of it as no more than a required one-semester course that I would rather not take...

The Ticking Time Bomb of Planet Earth

Elise May, Critique Editor

The careless and thoughtless actions of humans with pollutants are causing the end of the world as we know it, also called global warming. Despite people who naively argue otherwise, the unfortunate evidence builds up...


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