The Advice You Never Knew You Needed

Jenna Miller, Opinion Editor

As we approach exam season and school becomes a bit more stressful, some experienced CCS students offer unique advice to anyone who may need it:

“Don’t say anything that implies disinterest in Mr. Sneller’s class. He will poke you with the “owie-part” of a compass and then insult you for the rest of the year.” - Madison Hollis


“If you ever need to know the type of apple you are eating, just ask Coach Sneller to sniff it. He will tell you exactly what type of apple you are eating.” - Hannah Bagby


“Don't call Mr. Walker "Forest Fire Walker." It doesn't help you get on his good side, even if you think it might. “ - Keller Neighbors


“If you want to get an A+ in procrastination and not doing work, fall off a cliff. (Preferably from 50 ft onto rocks).”- Elise May


“Don't fall asleep in Mr. Jippings class... ever. Lest you face the full wrath of his almighty golf club upon your desk.” - Damien King


“Don’t try to understand Mr. Campbell. You will never understand Mr. Campbell.” - Anna Killian


“To underclassmen. If you ever get to do the announcements, never make a slurp noise in your sign off.... or you will be attacked when you walk through the hallway.” - Landry Halloran