Senior Advice: To the Freshmen

By Lucy Veal

In the age of Covid, interviewing takes place in many peculiar ways. For this article I ‘interviewed” people via YOLO- an app that allows Snapchat users to send messages anonymously. This one in particular asked high school seniors for advice that they wanted to give high school freshmen. 

Despite the occasional messages that read “freshman are weird” and my personal favorite- “Lucy Veal you’ve got to cut this out,” the overwhelming amount of messages I got were thoughtful and wise. You did good Seniors, you did good. 

So, without further ado, a selection of the class of 2021’s advice to you:


  • “Your best ally is yourself. Be kind to them.”


  • “Don’t undervalue easy assignments; you can get an A in any class if you do all the simple work.”


  • “Say hi to everyone in the hallway- there is literally no reason to not be friendly.”


  • “Hang out with your mom. Be kind and real with people. Work hard. And use Sparknotes no matter what your teachers say.”


  • “You aren’t going to stay friends with the same people from middle school. People change.”


  • “I know it really sucks to hear, BUT YOUR FRESHMAN GRADES MATTER! If you slack here, it will be a million times harder to get your GPA up the next two years.”


  • “Don’t change just to fit in. It’s cliche but being yourself is really the thing that will make people admire you most. Those who are your true friends will encourage you and accept you.”


Finally, my advice to you- even though it isn’t as profound:

“DO NOT put your email on the PSAT in 10th grade. It really isn’t worth the 900+ emails that sit in your inbox.”