Coach Eubanks Trains Teachers in CCS Bootcamp

Matilda Green, Staff Writer

This school year is Coach Darryl Eubanks’ second year at CCS serving as a paraprofessional in the upper school as well as a football coach and personal trainer. However, his “big dream” is to own his own gym. Using the CCS powerhouse as his facility, Eubanks started training people one-on-one, but wanted to augment his classes. Now, twice each week, ten or so faculty members and even one student come to work out in a class led by Eubanks.

His idea to start a class at CCS led to some other benefits, such as getting to know coworkers in a different light. Eubanks explains, “This [the training class] would be a good way to get to know more people; as teachers it’s so stressful because all we get to see each other is in the work environment and we try to separate personal and work and [the training class] is  a chance to tie the two together.” By having a small group in the class, there is also a healthy level of accountability. One of the participants, High School French Teacher Jasiri Harper, says “I had a hard time getting into a regular exercise schedule” but after taking Eubanks’ class, she confessed that she is now motivated to wake up earlier than 5:00 in the morning because she knows the class would be wondering about her. Harper expresses how she’s glad the class is a part of her week: “And honestly, after the first time, I was in such a good mood afterwards that i was like ‘this makes me feel ready to actually teach!’”

According to Eubanks, usually the workout will grow in phases of intensity as not everyone is familiar with strength and resistance training. Along with back and bicep workouts, they typically do an ab circuit and some cardio work. His goal is to have a “full body workout two times a week."

Coach Eubanks has been lifting weights his whole life. Before he injured his knee, football was a serious professional career option. His injury redirected him to focus on body building. Passionate for how the body works, in the past two years, he has educated himself by pouring over books and got certified as a personal trainer by National Council on Strength and Fitness. “I just want to expand my knowledge because it’s what I love to do. I love to know about how the body works.”

If any reader is interested in participating in the CCS bootcamp led by Eubanks, contact They meet two times a week on Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30-6:30 AM in the CCS PowerHouse. There is a fee of $10. This invitation is open to faculty members but also students, administration--anyone! Contact for further questions.

Coach Eubanks spots Mrs. Smoak, Student Life Coordinator, during a morning workout

An exercise plan written out on the board of the Powerhouse classroom


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