Smack, Chew, Pop: An Exploration of the New Gum Policy

Margaret Middleton, Staff Writer

No more sneaking pieces and quiet chewing, gum is finally allowed in the halls and classrooms at CCS. Students are enthusiastic about finally being allowed to chew gum in their classes without the fear of being written up. Many freedoms come with gum being allowed and students have taken advantage of that. In the past students have stuck their gum underneath chairs and tables when a teacher has walked by, making the relationships rockier and causing even more trouble concerning gum, except now those fears are gone.


Research shows how chewing increases heart rate, which increases insulin. This creates more brain activity, which in turn means higher rates of productivity. Many students that deal with ADHD find that chewing gum helps them to concentrate.  ( This information came from emailing with Mrs. Smoak, Student Life and Community Service Director) Stress is already a major issue in school and chewing the sticky substance can help to reduce that.

Smacks and pops can distract classmates, so some teachers have a few rules about chewing gum in their classrooms. Most allow it, but want to keep the noise at a minimum so make sure your teachers are okay with you chewing gum in class.


This is a recent addition to the CCS community, Mrs. Karen Smoak Student Life and Community Service Director says that even during her time at CCS, gum was never allowed. Make sure to put your gum in a trash can when you are done with it, not underneath a table or chair.


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