I Believe in Going to the Coffee Shop

By Emma He ndrix

Sometimes, when I'm sitting in my local coffee shop I think to myself ‘Why do I do this every morning?’. The coffee here definitely isn't award-winning. So why do I force myself to wake up at 6:00am every morning to be here right when the doors open?

For the past few months, it's been a daily routine of mine to go to a coffee shop every morning. Most of the time this is between 6:30am and 7:00am. I'm almost always the first one in the door and the morning barista knows my name, my order, where I go to school, and where I work. It's not because she's a stalker or nosey, but because of our brief conversations as we wait for another customer to walk in; so I can pass the baton to them. 

The warmth you get when in the coffee shop isn't just from the steaming hot espresso. It's the environment that welcomes you in. The smiles of the barista most days are more warming than the sun that isn't going to be out for another hour. A girl who wakes up, gets ready, and is starting her tiring job before most people's alarms even go off; but still she greets everyone with a smile and a conversation, even with her most groggy customers. I listen in as they go on and on about how hard their life is, and never once does she claim the same. 

The energy I have after leaving the coffee shop isn't from the absurd amount of caffeine I consumed, but it's from watching the couples fall in love over their black coffee even though you know neither of them like it. For them, it's not about the coffee, it's about the environment; the environment to connect with each other. The calmness of the coffee shop gives you room for conversation without the worry of interruption. It lets you focus on the important things at that moment. For these couples, it’s each other. 

I never bring anyone with me to the coffee shop. I use the calm environment selfishly, and to help me focus on my future accomplishments. The coffee shop is the only place my brain can rest from the hectic nature of the world. I'm able to sit down at my lonely one-person table and achieve more than I could anywhere else. 

Going to the coffee shop isn’t about the coffee or the pastries, but it’s about the environment. It's a place to focus on the important things.