This I Believe:
The Ocean

By Sophie Allen

The place I find the most beautiful in the world is the ocean. I love how gracefully the waves form and how powerfully they crash. I find it mesmerizing how the water runs up the sand and retreats all so quickly. I love the way the coarse sand is swept up by the water, and how it gleams under the sun, almost as if it were liquid gold. It's amazing how the waves create so much commotion near the shore, yet the horizon always seems perfectly calm. I believe that the ocean is healing. It's impossible to think of any better way to connect to God's indescribable creation than to be present with the ocean. The abundance of life beneath a seemingly simple surface is beyond what I can grasp. Thousands of species have survived for so many years, living harmoniously among one another. The effortless circle of life that's consistent in the sea is something not even humans can seem to accomplish. There's just so much about the ocean that cannot be explained, so many mysteries with no answers. But that is what makes it intriguing. How can something be so soft and comforting yet wildly strong and dangerously powerful at the same time? How are the tides controlled by the moon and how is the water able to shift from thundering waves to a state of peaceful serenity? The unpredictability of the ocean's movements creates so much anticipation. You can never foretell what the water will do next, it's always one step ahead. I like to think that I am like the ocean; strong, and beautiful, but also soft and comforting. And I see life as the waves, each situation will have its peak, but just like a wave it cannot and will not last forever. Every situation I face in life will eventually conclude. I remember this analogy whenever life seems too big and overwhelming and I am reminded of what I am capable of. This image in my head, used to simplify the confusing aspects of life, brings me daily peace and often provides a more achievable perspective on things that seem impossible.