Transitioning Trials

Mackenzie Perkins, Staff Writer 

Students often focus on the stresses and challenges of high school. However, it pays off to offer a little attention towards our neighbors just across the courtyard: the middle schoolers. Do you remember the dragged out days of awkwardness, voice changes, and strange fashion trends? Middle school can be incredibly difficult. New assignments, new procedures, new lifestyle. Luckily, CCS has amazing faculty to aide each and every student if the need arises.

Freshmen Emily Solomon and Logan Roy agree, especially because of their similar middle school experience. Solomon explained, “Middle school was a harder adjustment because that’s when everyone got more awkward, and it awakened my ADHD and dyslexia, so it was hard to obtain information and concentrate.” She makes a great point. Not everyone has special needs, but middle school can be the first major transition in the average person’s life. Both she and Roy are extremely happy that high school is different. When asked about it, their mood changed completely. They smiled more when talking about how amazing high school was compared to the previous year.  Roy answered, “Because I had specific needs, the faculty bent everything to make sure I got the proper education I needed, all while encouraging me.”

It is very true that the teachers, counselors, and other members of faculty are here to make sure each student has the best academic possibilities. Greg Davick, 8th Grade and High School Counselor, helps the 8th graders and freshmen with their transitions in school. He makes sure that everyone is comfortable in their new surroundings. “The most important thing that we talk about, in my opinion, is how students will be using their gifts once they start high school and have more freedom to choose what they want to be involved in.”


So don’t be afraid to talk with your teachers, because adjustment can be a large struggle that not everyone is aware of. Email your grade leader or grade-level counselor, such as Davick, or our new teacher and counselor Christy Gambrell. Teachers, new students often need all the help they can get! Be available as much as you can to offer aide in as many different areas as possible.