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#exposechristianschools: A Hashtag in Over Its Head

Jenna Miller, Opinion Editor

Karen Pence recently returned to teaching art at a conservative high school in Washington D.C., with rules that many people find to be exclusionary. For instance, the school has a rule which bans students and employees from violating “the unique roles of male and female.” ...

Mrs. Austin On Her Relationship with Theatre
Lauren McNeese, Staff Writer

Ellie Austin, Chattanooga Christian School Alum - exceptional education paraprofessional, and middle school theatre teacher - shares what drew her to theatre, her hopes for the upcoming musical, and what it was like to watch her high school boyfriend kiss her best friend on stage...

A Week of Hate

Jenna Miller, Opinion Editor


The week of October 22nd was a waking nightmare for the United States. A Florida man sent pipe bombs to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and many more...

With a Broken Bell System, 15 Teachers Choose Their Own Bells

The beloved bell system which alerts us that classes have ended or that it is time to go to lunch has stopped working, without leaving a clue as to when it will be in working order again. In the meantime, while CCS transitions to the Swedish "Nobel System" of schooling, several teachers in the CCS community have taken it upon themselves to select a song...

The Transitional Trials of Freshman Year

Mackenzie Perkins, Staff Writer

Students often focus on the stresses and challenges of high school. However, it pays off to offer a little attention towards our neighbors just across the courtyard: the middle schoolers...

Nurse’s Quarters: Teen Anxiety

Emma Pack, Staff Writer

According to Evolve Treatment, 38% of female teens have an anxiety disorders and 26.1% of male teens have anxiety disorders. This is a serious topic and so when the opportunity arose we had to ask our very own...

John Hendrix on Art, Humanity, & the Power of a Single Voice

Lauren McNeese, Staff Writer

“I fundamentally do not remember a time before drawing. I have always drawn. I don’t know what the world is like without drawing,” John Hendrix, author of The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler, recalls when asked where his love of drawing first began. His graphic novel was the summer reading book of our school’s grades six through twelve...



Introspective Beats from twenty one pilots' New Album, Trench

Addison Howard, Copy Editor

On October 5th, 2018, the band Twenty One Pilots (made up of lead singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Joshua Dun) released their 5th studio album, Trench. It is a concept album, which means that all the songs collectively highlight a metaphorical story, meaning, or theme...

CCS Robotics and the Redemptive Power of Repair

Lauren McNeese, Features Editor

Ever wonder what the blue, red, and grey arena sitting in the outdoor classroom is purposed for? It is Chattanooga Christian School’s brand-new, state-of-the-art robotics arena. When robotics comes to mind...

Mrs. Honeycutt on Her Childhood, Baking, and Entrepreneurship

Matilda Green, Staff Writer (Photographs by Eryn Logan)

Growing up, Kim Honeycutt was surrounded by business starters and creative thinkers. Her father started his own toy business and her grandmother set up a jewelry business, helping her family escape poverty during the 1930s...

Side Gigs: Mr. Grissom Impresses with Art Skills

Keller Neighbors, Staff Writer

Daniel Grissom’s art desk, located on the second floor of his home in Highland Park, is filled with pencils, pens, and coloring tools all crammed into the drawer. It is, as he jokingly calls it, his studio. A 9th grade English Teacher, Grissom is an artist who draws anything but normal drawings...


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