How to Find a Man

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

The best and easiest way to find a man is to go where they are. One of the simplest ways to do this is to consider male to female ratios. If there are more men, then it would follow that chances of finding love...


Teachers Make Their Own New Years' Resolutions

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

Way back in the day, some four thousand years ago, the ancient Babylonians held massive celebrations to welcome the new year, to crown a new king, and to make year long promises to their gods...

A Laywoman Attends the Robotics Tournament

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

On Saturday, January 19, CCS hosted a robotics tournament. Even though I had no clue what it would be like, I decided to go...


CCS Robotics and the Redemptive Power of Repair

Lauren McNeese, Features Editor

Ever wonder what the blue, red, and grey arena sitting in the outdoor classroom is purposed for? It is Chattanooga Christian School’s brand-new, state-of-the-art robotics arena. When robotics comes to mind...

Lessons From an Unexpected Move

Connelly Grant, Managing Editor

Until the beginning of August, I had lived in the same small town for 13 years of my life. Macon, GA is a small, southern town inserted into the very center of the state of Georgia...

What I Learned Standing In Line at a Trump Rally

Alex Boggs, Staff Writer

Early Sunday morning, I found myself running through my house, throwing on jeans and my Trump shirt, donning my red “Make America Great Again” hat, and trying desperately to find my earbuds...

The Top Pop Songs of 2018

Addison Howard, Copy Editor

A look back at the songs that played the most throughout the past year...


The HART of Chattanooga

Sara York, Guest Writer

There are between 200,000 and 500,000 homeless people in America. Even though homeless people may not always be seen or acknowledged, they are in every community. For some people, it is easier to walk with heads down...

A Week of Hate

Jenna Miller, Opinion Editor



The week of October 22nd was a waking nightmare for the United States. A Florida man sent pipe bombs to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and many more...

The Transitional Trials of Freshman Year

Mackenzie Perkins, Staff Writer

Students often focus on the stresses and challenges of high school. However, it pays off to offer a little attention towards our neighbors just across the courtyard: the middle schoolers...

The Advice You Never Knew You Needed

Jenna Miller, Opinion Editor

As we approach exam season and school becomes a bit more stressful, some experienced CCS students offer unique advice to anyone who may need it...

Smack, Chew, Pop: An Exploration of the New Gum Policy

Margaret Middleton, Staff Writer

No more sneaking pieces and quiet chewing, gum is finally allowed in the halls and classrooms at CCS. Students are enthusiastic about finally being allowed to chew gum in their classes without the fear of being written up...


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