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Book Review: Following

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Christian Wiley returns with a review of the young adult fiction book Following -- part mystery, part thriller -- now available for check-out in the Learning Commons.

In Following, written by Jeffry W. Johnston, a boy named Alden is very cautious and wants to be a detective after the trauma of his parents’ death. One day he sees what he thinks is the murder of a girl from school named Amy. He is scared of witnessing his first murder and freaks out. He is unsure of what he really saw, and this wouldn’t be his first time he let his imagination go wild. He calls on the help of his best friend, whose father is – unfortunately – a police chief. He is afraid of the judgment he will receive if his imagination just got the best of him. Alden decides to take matters into his own hands, putting himself and his friend in danger. Is he just imagining the murder because of all the trauma he has experienced? Was Amy actually killed, or is she just having fun at church camp?

Following teaches many valuable and realistic lessons everyone can gain from. It shows you never know what someone is going through or dealing with. Also, the book vividly shows even if someone says they are okay, deep down they may still be bottling up past trauma. I think this book is one everyone will enjoy. The book is suspenseful and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Every page is another suspenseful moment where you can’t help but keep reading.

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