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  • Samuel Ward

Robotics Photojournalism

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Photographer Sam Ward documents the Brian College Tournament

Oliver Demarco works on a robot on the way to the meet.

663 E Team right before skills.

Group of friends watching the robotics match.

Skills run for 663 D with Jacob Blackwell and Miles Dzik.

Brayden Cook driving a robot while a CCS alum moderates.

Brayden Cook during alliance selection.

Jacob Blackwell during alliance selection.

Alliances with students from Brentwood during the first match.

Ean Landfare programming a robot.

Chase Smith and Mr. Monahan observe a match.

Group watching their robot do its thing in a match.

acob Blackwell and Mr. Monahan speak after the match.

Miles Dzik and Aiden Pell posed after the match.

Ean Landfare playing piano in the dark after the match.

Oliver Demarco unpacking the bus back at CCS.

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